Anyone with requests? we’re all caught up! Have at it (:

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For those of y’all who are a fan of the book like I am (:

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I just followed a lot of y’all that the side was requesting (:

I meant to announce that I was going to start doing follow friday’s but with getting my car stuff/school & work stuff in order the time got away from me. So if y’all would like for us to follow you, go ahead and like this. (:

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Request for jessiebear2014.

You had done one for me a while a back and it was an infinity sign with two names and a date in the middle. I was wondering if you could do that again for me, please?

Yeah we can always do request for y’all.

but we need to know the names/date (: - Nicole

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Hey can you please make me an iPhone 4s background? Bro#4 bow color ani#3 With Davena written on it Background ch#3

Done & posted darlin! - Nicole

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Request for southerngypsy89.

Request for looking4me17.

Background Ani12, Bro9 with Co7 and Brittany underneath in pink letters surprise me and could you put pink fox logos in each of the corners of the photo

Done & posted (: - Nicole

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Request for brittalicious.