A lot of you are wondering…

Why I’ve been M.I.A and if I’m coming back.

I don’t have any plans to at this moment to come back to doing free graphics for people because I’m trying to get my life back on track and I’m trying to enjoy being married before we settle down to have kids.

That is the biggest reason, but also I’ve realized that keeping them for free makes people unappreciative of the work & time put in. I’ve decided to open my own designs up to buy, I don’t have an exact game plan yet, but I’m looking into designing t-shirts and maybe car decals to sell on etsy.

There was only so many “graphics” that could be made before there was like 500 design pages doing the same stuff including those of you who made Facebook pages and just erased and slapped peoples names on them. Maybe it’s just because of my hard working mindset but I can’t do anything less than 150% and that’s why if you wait a long time for your designs that I take forever. My laptop has not gone down once-but twice in process of trying to get the rest of them done, but a lot of stuff that I thought could be recovered is simply not going to be able to be easily recoverable as I thought it would be. I am doing the best to do the last few with what I have but yes, requests are CLOSED and nobody is doing/going to do requests as far as I know. 

Now, I left it up to Katrina if she wants to do her own thing on here as far as do requests & keep it running but she hasn’t been present and has had her own stuff going on. We appreciate everybody who has said that they miss us & such as, but right now, especially I, need to do what is best for me & my designs.

To all you wonderful design blogs that keep going, you are so appreciated in making me feel welcomed as a designer since I started doing this in 2010. It was a hard decision to pull away from tumblr but I realized some of the best things come from pushing out of our comfort zones. I can only leave you with the advice of living for today and to be kind to those who need it most.

I do have a personal blog if you would like to follow up on my amazing adventures here in Vegas. Just inbox me for the link & I’ll get right back to you!

- Nicole (:

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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to take a break.

People keep stealing my stuff then being rude to me when I post my URL to it. It’s not hard to have manners and enough common sense to not do that. Using my graphics for followers on social media is completely unacceptable and sad. Be original. That and as well as Katrina & I are in and out because of our crazy lives. She’s going on vacation and at the end of the month I’ll be going on vacation. I just feel like it’s time for a change. I just rather do my graphics for me and put all the extra work in my craft blog/personal blog right now. I’ll be doing some time for time, but I probably won’t be doing any requests for awhile after the ones sent in are finished. I’ll leave it up to Katrina if she wants to continue with the requests on her part but I thought long & hard about this. And who knows maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to do them like I was when I first started out, but it’s just becoming very hard to put my all into it when I’ve got my own family and career to worry about and then the graphics that I spent all my extra free time making get stolen does put a damper on doing these. I appreciate those who have stayed with me from the beginning or even those who are loyal followers who follow the rules and support not just me but other graphic blogs, y’all don’t understand how much I appreciate the support through it all! Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you & let y’all know I’ll be kind of M.I.A for a bit. - Nicole

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I’ll be back on monday!

And requests will be open tonight!

thanks for being patient y’all!

I didn’t anticipate it would be back-and-forth with everyone on how to fix this problem, but at least the hubs & I figured it out from what they were saying.

Over all, ALWAYS go to the Genuis Bar at the Apple Store. They were the most helpful with me, but because this is the first problem I’ve had, I didn’t realize you have to make an appointment. So do that ahead of time!

But overall, enjoy y’alls weekend coming up!


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I’ll be back up & running by next week!

I was fortunately able to get my stuff off in a timely manner, but I still need to reinstall mavericks. I’m thinking when I didn’t update it right away my computer tried to do it by it’s self then got corrupted when it didn’t go all the way through. Just my guess. (: Anyways, I’m going have to install my stuff back so please just bare with me a little longer (: thanks y’all!

- Nicole

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Bare with me.

After 2 long years of loyalty Scarlett (my MacBook Pro) has a problem and I’m going have to reinstall the whole operating system & try to get all my things off so i don’t lose anything since I last backed up. So please bare with me. I assure you I’m just as if not more annoyed with having to do this lol

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Again if you’re requesting…IMPORTANT!!!!! MUST READ!!!

This is the last time I’m going to say it and I’m trying to be nice about it. I normally don’t delete requests unless they are posted in fan mail when the requests are off or when people request like 8 in a row. A few of you don’t understand we lead busy lives, we try to get through them as much as possible and as fast as possible. So you requesting 8 in a row doesn’t help us lol, if you want to request more after TWO requests are made & POSTED, then you’re more than welcome, but I’ve really tried to enforce it for y’all so you can get them on time. As well as if your requesting for a friend be sure to let them know we have facebook page as well, I check the facebook every week for requests, and they can always request on there. I’ve had people requesting on blank blogs with nothing on them and taking requests from their own page/on facebook & posting graphics I’ve made, it made me quit doing graphics for a while, as you can see I was really upset, so I hope that’s not the case here, but I just want y’all to be aware that these are FREE so is your own creativity, it’s great that you like them & want to make them like us, but original creativity is the best. Download the program & try your hand at it instead of stealing another persons hard work. (: I appreciate y’all taking the time to read this! (:

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I've requested before and I absolutely loved it! I was wondering if you could make me one for a galaxy s3 that says proud firefighter's girlfriend and has the names Jenna and Clayton im not picky about design please and thank you!!!!

Done & posted for ya darlin! Enjoy!!! (: - Nicole

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Request for jkling9.

Can you please do a buck & doe in mossy oak with a rebel flag back ground. The name Eddy in bright green & the name Carma in bright pink. I also want a pink camo bow on the doe. I'm not picky on font. Just something pretty. Thank you:-)

done and posted darlin


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