1. Keep our “Back-Roads” credit on ALL of our graphics. We take time to

make these for FREE for y’all. Just be kind & reblog is all we ask of y’all.

If it’s made specifically for you like a name, you’re entitled to do whatever

you want with it, except claim it as your own.

2. Please don’t make “requests” for other people on FB or any other

social media website with our graphics. Whether or not you realize this,

it is stealing someone’s hard work & putting your name on it.

3. Be patient, be kind, & be supportive please :) We adore all of y’all of

course, so we do the best we can to get all your requests out on time &

we definitely appreciate the manners & read the fan mail & all the questions

sent to our inbox!

4. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page before asking anything that is already answered.

Y’all know right from wrong, We trust that y’all will be courteous when requesting/using ANY graphics that is back-roads made. Thank y’all!