Doing these graphics for free has taken up a lot of my personal time. I made the decision to close, at least for a good long while mainly because a lot of people keep claiming the work as their own. I've been nice & I've been straight up with these people but yet they continue to do it. I am a designer and probably settled on making them for free because I didn't realize how much talent and how far I could go with this. I am no longer on tumblr at all. Maybe one day I will be back but not anytime soon. I'm still at a young age where I'm enjoying life as it comes & I'm getting enrolled into classes for my teaching degree. Right now is all we have, so I suggest y'all don't look at this as a negative thing, take this as a note of encouragement to chase your dreams. I appreciate all the hardwork my co-designers have put in, I will miss y'all the most, but I also appreciate everyone who supported us by requesting & being paitent in the numerous times my computer went down & when school/work took a big chunk of energy. I also wanted to say to the other designers on the other graphic blogs, y'all are really talented & wish you nothing but the best. This was a very hard decision because I've been on here for like 3-4 years and it's one of the only things I've had to fall back on as a hobby. I wish everyone nothing but the best! Thank y'all!!! xoxo Nicole ♥